Push My Follow grew out of a Skype conversation late one night among a group of social media junkies enthusiasts. We had so much fun we thought we’d share.

So, who are we?

Sarah Vela is a writer, editor, and social media junkie based in Austin, Texas. Her favorite dessert is mango slices drenched in lime juice accompanied by sticky rice. Sarah also does the weekly interview show Too Much Information. Twitter: @orchid8

Joe Cascio is an independent software developer living in Connecticut. He blogs at Read at Joe’s and is involved in the social media communities in Boston, MA and Providence, RI. If pressed, the two vices he will admit to are beer and golf. Twitter: @joecascio

Michael Gaines is a software engineer from New Jersey. He’s been on the
internet going on twenty years now and has no aspirations to become famous. Twitter: @starmike

PurpleCar (a.k.a. Christine Cavalier) is an idea generator, techie grrl, hot mama, and writer living in the Philadelphia area. Beware of her chronic pottie mouth during the Push My Follow Podcast. Check out her site at http://www.PurpleCar.net. Twitter: @purplecar

Annie Boccio is a web designer and mom of three big kids. She created one of the first “mommy” websites in 1995 and has been drowning in HTML and web communities ever since. She plays at (just another) distraction and works at Pixel Currents. Twitter: @banannie

Eric Rice Twitter: @spin

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