Thank you!

Thanks everyone for the fantastic feedback so far! We hear you and we’re working on improving both the show and the show notes.

Unlike probably most other podcasts, there wasn’t a lot of pre-planning. We’re fortunate to have Mike, an experienced podcaster who is recording and editing the show (and trust me, editing this group is a big job!) But most of us are learning as we go.

Your comments help, so please keep them coming, either here or via twitter.

6 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Is there a difference between people who are interesting in expanding their social network through the Web, versus those that are looking for a financial gain? Or, are the two naturally linked?

    How does PMF feel about people who are true members of the social media community as opposed to those that appear to only be here until they are bought out by Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft?

    Where are good places to find, follow, and contribute, rather than just be a consumer of what’s being put in front of us?

    Great podcast… am looking forward to future episodes.

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