Episode 12

Rejaw – yet another social networking site. Silly name? Indeed. Will there ever be a better Twitter?

Adobe Air – Mike explains why developers love it. Sarah and Annie still complain.

Brightkite – Eric <3s it.

Also, coming soon, “Toaster Oven.”

Are marketers trying to take over social media spaces and conferences?

The Personal Branding thing. Are you a brand or a person?

Using the internet as a place to gather and talk in smaller groups, i.e. Chatterous.

Twitter malware attack! How social media can give you herpes.

Should shortened urls have pop-ups showing you where you’re actually going?

How do we explain social media to our friends and family? How do we help others get involved?

Peer pressure on the internet – when causes go overboard.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 12

  1. OK, had to listen to this over again because while I was doing some desk tidying, I found a yellow sticky to myself about malware via Twitter, which I forgot to comment about.

    I think it is interesting that Twitter/social media apps are allegedly populated with the early adapter, who one would think is a bit more technically savvy than the average user, yet they clicked on the link. They should have known better.

    Now, I’m wondering – does this incident indicate that social media in general/Twitter specifically is starting to attract Joe User, the average, non-early adopter who is NOT technically savvy? Or does it mean that everyone just wanted to see promised subject (I think one of you said it was pr0n), and that this single-minded goal overtook common sense?

    Interested in hearing reactions or other possible explanations.
    Tink *~*~*

  2. I think Twitter is definitely attracting more mainstream users. Evidence? Check out twittermoms.com. It’s a ning group started recently for moms who use twitter, some of whom are early adopter-types, sure, but probably most are just moms looking for online friends (just like I did when I joined Prodigy back in the mid 90s.) Anyway, there are nearly 1000 members there already. So yes, the mainstream is finding twitter.

    Also, yes, the link appeared to be pr0n so there’s that, too ;).

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