Episode 16

Sweet sixteen!

We talk about some new twitter tools including:

Eric and Mike happily discuss social networking and gaming.

Celebs on Twitter: Britney Spears and John Cleese. Can celebrities bring their fans into Twitter?
More about Mad Men, and is collab fiction using social networks feasible?

Christine has a nice big RANT about using scare tactics to explain social networking to parents.
We discuss how parents can safely let their kids use the internet without using scare tactics.

Disclaimer: Annie is NOT a cyber-terrorist (or a cyber-terrior)!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 16

  1. Hey!

    Thanks for the mention of http://twalala.com. Just wanted to let you and your listeners know that it’s in very early development. (As Joe said, we built in 48 hours.) And that we’re working towards feature parity with the major Twitter clients.

    We’re in the process of developing those features right now and would definitely be interested in feedback from the pushmyfollow community.


  2. What I find interesting about Qwitter is when a bunch of people unfollow you when you send an @message to someone. Not sure if it is because they hate that person and can’t believe I follow them or if they have no use for being included in a mindless conversation.

    Another thing I am seeing alot of is people saying “just unfollowed someone I know. Nothing personal man.” People now assume that their followers are on Qwitter.

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