Episode 32 | You Spin Me Right Round

Hi, remember us? We remember you!

This special single topic episode revolves around our own Eric Rice, aka @spin, who received a cease & desist letter from Spin Magazine.

A copy of the letter at ChillingEffects.org
Stories on Gothamist (5/25 and 5/26) and NBC.
The Spin Magazine twitter account

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Eric (@spin)
Sarah (@orchid8)
Christine (@purplecar)
Joe (@joecascio)
Annie (@banannie)
Mike (@starmike)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 32 | You Spin Me Right Round

  1. That was fun 🙂 Glad you guys are back, and glad that Eric gets to keep his identity.

    Was trying to think of who I’d decide to be in the event someone comes along and wants to be @BellTinkR – and then I realized that Disney would have to employ a massive law firm full-time in order to purge the interwebz of all the Disney character wannabees. The expense would be more than just the retainer; they’d end up alienating the die-hard fan base and we’d start going to Universal more.

    I wonder, does someone already have @HermioneGranger ?


    Welcome back!

    Erin aka Tink *~*~*

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