Episode 8

This week we respond to a listener email! She asks which social media tools we use, why, and how do we decide which ones to use?

Mike goes to an Iron Maiden show in the rain.
Using My Space & Facebook to connect to people “outside.”
Social networks in gaming.
Plurk “karma.”
Christine likes to text.

My Space
Phreadz (Phreadz is still in closed beta.)

Let us know which social networks you use and why in the comments! We’d love to discuss other topics suggested by our listeners, so let us know what you want to hear.

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14 thoughts on “Episode 8

  1. First listen and enjoyed it very much. The sign of a good podcast, IMHO, is when I want to jump in and talk back, which I did with this episode.

    I alrady Plurked this, he he, but I think it’s cool that Plurk *is* just a toy and that’s what makes it fun and low-pressure. I’m not convinced it needs to be more serious, although it makes survival more risky, I suppose. Just my opinion. Thanks for the great listen!

  2. Eric: I hear you on the pruning I did that a couple months ago. Its such a nice process to listen to our own frequency.
    Friendfeed I just started using and I really like it. It is what feedburner should have been.

    Starman: Tiffany? Were you a mall rat? =P j/k

    Cavalier: Haha your music isn’t that terrible.. it’s not great but… Still love ya.

    PMF: Plurk you just need to ignore the karma. I really enjoy the threading of conversations.

    Annie: I was watching a friend use phreadz and I have the same sensations.

    Since i am a music guy i truly enjoy last.fm. I sometimes get in trouble though when working and listening to mystery mixes that should not be listed lol

    Cavalier: hah your twitter battles. So epic.

    You know guys we would have never met in seesmic. Isn’t that odd. heh

    Joe: You use speed dial still? heh

    Never knew about chatterous till today. Love the podcast and content discussed.

  3. Tom: Thanks for the kind words. I’ll probably see you in WoW sometime. Maybe I’ll have you title an episode someday 😀

    Giannii: I spent a lot of time at the mall on Friday nights. In the arcade. And the bookstore. And where all the D&D people hung out. Oh, BIG surprise, I know.

  4. Hi everyone! Thanks for covering my question this week. I feel like a celebrity or maybe like a fringe member of the Push My Follow cool kids group now :D. Seriously, I learn a lot listening to you guys pontificate about social networking. Hearing of your experiences with each platform helps to sort the wheat from the chaff. Looking forward to future episodes.

    Tink *~*~*

  5. Hey guys!
    Great show! I think I related most to what Christine said…I really don’t use everything I join, but for some reason I don’t want anyone to have my login either:) However I have resisted the urge to join Plurk, maybe I have reached my limit (at least for the moment)

    As Mike said, I do play WoW. In fact both Marc and myself play. So you know I would love to hear a show about WoW social dynamics.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. This is the 3rd show I listened to. I think you guys have a good thing going here. you have the casual, newbie-friendly thing going, which is pretty good since you’re all rather advanced.

    I’ve liked the idea of twitter groups since I joined long ago, but they’ve never materialized. I follow the public feed thru gChat anyway, so I guess I don’t use twitter that way.

    My friends are mainly on Flickr. I’m a visual artist and I’m there all the time. I would like a way to group chat with my extended group, like to reach them all in any SM no matter what they’re using – you know, if they have no SM profiles, send them an email, if no email – phone, if no phone – have the message delivered by strippergram 😉 – I jest, of course.

    But I liked what you said about Facebook being a good address book. I’ve not used it for that, but, then, I’ve not used FB for much of anything.

    I want you to keep up with the howtos and whytos and wheretos, altho guest star, newmediajim was a lot of fun last time. He’s a hella nice guy. You could probably do that kinda thing once in a while. I see Tom Merritt is hang out on this page. I listen to him everyday on BOL, so I don’t need any more of him, but maybe others might enjoy him.

    I like your conversations, you all have a lot to contribute. Rick, you have a really good “radio” voice and manner.

  7. Do you think social media is a good way for fundraising too? I have never done it before, but was wondering if it would be worth giving it a try. What are the specialists’ thoughts on that? Would it be a discussed topic on a coming Push My Follow?

    Link to my fundraiser:

  8. Thanks that was great. First time listening though I downloaded some past episodes yesterday. Nice to hear your experiences as I navigate my way through this social media maze. Also, it’s great that I can clean my house, listen and ponder. Multi-tasking.

  9. Great show as usual, and i like how sincere you are about the way you are using this show to express some feelings about how private or not should be the social networks. It’s obvious indeed that this companies don’t value our privacy , sadly.

    Also I liked the discussions about groups, especially when Christine regret that the service don’t value the grouping feature. I think the issue with the groups, is that individuality has more value then groups. So putting the groups would make disappear this individuality and the sens of freedom… allowing groups maybe means allowing peer pressure…

    So thanks for this great show. ours will be online soon , ( only two yet .. ) 🙂

  10. This may sound daft but I want to hear PMF interview the founders/head folks at places like Twitter, Friendfeed, Qik, Brightkite, etc. You know, instead of tech or biz journos.


    PS Wonderful show – learned something new – never heard of chatterous. come to think of it, listening to pmf, I always learn. (must catch up on early episodes!)

  11. Long time listener… first time poster… I think…

    Okay. I got in about 55 minutes and then my Treo died, but I’m guessing from the way the conversation was moving and Christine didn’t speak up, that nobody here brought up the network that seems to meet most of your criteria, Pownce : http://www.pownce.com

    Self-created groups for posting and reading. Private messages. MORE than 140 characters. Auto-integration with Flickr & YouTube. Threaded conversations that show up as threaded conversations **and** in your feed. A mobile front-end. Admiral Akbar instead of the Fail Whale.

    It’s the one network y’all didn’t bring up. I actually found myself shouting at my Treo… “POWNCE DOES THAT!!!” I don’t know if it’s better or worse… I have several friends who only use Pownce, just like I have several friends who only use Twitter… several who only use Plurk… several who only use Brightkite… it’s why I use Ping. I’m just not grokking FriendFeed yet.

    Okay… getting off soapbox.

    Pownce : http://www.pownce.com

    • hi Brad,
      first, sorry it took so long to approve your comment- (it was held up because of the links you included and I didn’t get a notification email, must check settings.) I don’t know if any of us use Pownce regularly! I know I don’t, not because it doesn’t work, but because everyone I know on Pownce I’m connected with on Twitter so it seemed redundant, but I agree, it’s worth another look for sure!

  12. I’m working my way through the back episodes, and was really glad I listened to this one! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not a chearleader for every service! I was starting to feel positively geriatric!

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