Episode 5

A landmark! Five!

Topics and Links:

PodCamp NYC 2.0
Jeffrey Deskovic
Roxanne Darling
Phil Campbell
Christian Payne
EVDO, Christine is a WiFi hotspot (Cradlepoint PHS300)

PodCamp Sessions we discuss:
Video Conversations with Annie (it’s SETH Eagelfeld! oops.)
Geo Gellar
Relationships 2.0 with WankerGirl & MissSomething of Spin the Bottle Podcast
Social Media Parenting with Christine (John Herman, Dave LaMorte)
Open ID for Newbies with Joe

So what is PodCamp?
Conference talk- local is niche
Find a local PodCamp- PodCamp wiki

Ira Glass (of This American Life) on Twitter!

Push My Follow on Twitter
Push My Follow on FaceBook

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3 thoughts on “Episode 5

  1. The Young Culture :
    I totally agree with Christine, actually my website is named after this new kind of culture that comes with the social media, the blogs, web 2.0 ( do we still have to sue this word anyway ..)

    Is the very special kind of feeling coming from Camp, Social Conférence, Social Camp The effect of Vidéo Blogging ?

    thanks again for this show 😉

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